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Improve your website’s customer experience with free digital analytics. Google Analytics gives companies insights into their websites, their audiences, and their online marketing efforts. Analytics helps marketers find the messaging and channels that generate the right results by being powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Using state-of-the-art conversion attribution and testing tools, companies of all sizes can optimize their digital strategies and build a better user experience. Take advantage of Google’s user insights. Understand your website users to better evaluate the performance of your content and products. Find out what’s working and fix what’s not. Let Google Analytics work for you, whether your business is big or small.


GA4 might not look that impressive out of the box, but once you start customizing it to your needs, that can change quickly. With the ability to change every standard report plus the explorations feature, you are able to display all the metrics that you want in the reports that you want. This makes this free web analytics tool quite flexible compared to some of its competitors.

An overview of GA4

Wrap up: what do we think?

Overall, apart from some privacy concerns and a steep learning curve, GA4 is a good option to consider when choosing a web analytics tool. It’s free, flexible, comes packed with tonnes of features, and has a large community around it. Other advantages include explorations, an event stream to BigQuery and of course the Google Ads integration.

  • GA4 is free to use
  • Many functionalities
  • The reports are customisable
  • Large community
  • Extensive documentation
  • GA4 is easily scalable
  • Steep learning curve
  • Implementation can be hard
  • Inaccurate data sampling
  • UI is not easy to use

Software type

We classified Google Analytics 4 as Marketing Analytics. In addition, Google Analytics 4 is proprietary software.

Software details

Product of Google LLC

Headquartered in
Mountain View, United States

Founded in 2005


+1 650-253-0000

Google Analytics 4 Pricing


The free version of Google Analytics know as GA4.

  • Lower limits for data collection & processing
  • 24 hours data freshness
  • Community support
  • Up to 25 parameters per event
  • Up to 50 event scoped custom dimensions



GA4 360

Enterprise-level Google Analytics for large data limits.

  • High data limits (1M+ monthly sessions)
  • 1 hour data freshness
  • Enterprise-level tech support
  • Up to 100 parameters per event
  • Up to 125 event scoped custom dimensions


From $50k per year

*Additional taxes may apply depending on your country.


Support is available via chat and the support center.

Support hours

Support languages

40+ languages

Account Management

Trackable Items

100sites or apps

User Seats


User Roles

Viewer, Analyst, Marketer, Editor, Admin

Account Security

  • Single Sign-on
  • Two-factor Authentication

Data Processing

Data Center Locations

  • European Economic Area (EEA)
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Software Hosting

  • Public Cloud

Data Ownership

Google LLC

Data Freshness

24 hours

Data Retention

Customizable up to 14 months

Unsampled Data

Explorations might use sampled data

Data Import

Import cost, offline or user/client ID data

Data Export

With sheets, BigQuery or API


  • CCPA


Google Analytics relies on first-party cookies.

Alerts & Automation

Uptime Monitoring

Custom Alerts

Custom insights, in interface or via email

Email Reports

Recurring shared reporting


50+ like Google Optimze, Google Ads, Google Search Console


Trend Reporting

Device Reporting

Device type, browser, OS and more

Funnel Reporting

Customisable funnel exploration

User Flow Reporting

Flexible Sankey chart exploration


Segment creation and overlap exploration

Cohort Reports

Cohort exploration

Retention Reporting

Combined with CLTV metrics

Attribution Reporting

Attribution models comparison

Ecommerce Reporting

Extensive e-commerce reports

User Experience features


GA4 does not offer heatmaps

Session Recordings

GA4 does not offer recordings

A/B Testing

User Feedback


Custom Dimensions

25 user-scoped & 50 event-scoped dimensions

Custom Metrics

50 event-scoped metrics

Custom Reports

All reports are customisable

Custom Events

25 parameters per event


GA4 doesn't have annotation options


Is your question not listed? Reach out to us and we'll look into it right away.

3 Reviews

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  • Sven
    Used Google Analytics 4 for 2-5 years as Growth Marketer

    What do you like?

    A love Google Analytics. This tool brings you incredibly powerful data to make decisions on and grow your business with. A must have for every online marketer to get more insights about your users and website usage, to track marketing campaigns, landing pages and goals, and track down website errors. I like how Google offers free online courses (from beginner to expert) and demo accounts to educate yourself.

    What do you dislike?

    Google Analytics can be tricky to get used to after working with Universal Analytics for a long time. Some features that I was used to are missing or different. However, Google is doing a good job of listening to its users and is releasing new (feature) updates weekly, if not daily.

  • Rishi
    Used Google Analytics 4 for 1-6 months as Company Owner

    What do you like?

    It is customizable, which makes it personal and it gives me control on how to use it. It is very event-based, this makes it challenging but also pushes me to track better, to think about what I want to set up. In summary, GA4 is cool to use when everything is set up. If all reports are "programmed", I actually need to spend only a few minutes and I have a data-rich reports, which are client related with personal KPI's.

    What do you dislike?

    It takes a huge effort to learn and practice. I have been working with UA for quite for years now and the approach of GA4 is different. It lacks a tutorial and there is not much help out there yet on how to set it up. Implementing tags/events seems a bit techy and a lot of errors occur when testing. It is hard to figure out where are the mistakes and how to fix it.

    The data layers of every website can be different, meaning there are no one-stop shop solutions to set everything up. Besides that, GA4 seems a bit empty when I start a new account. There needs to be done a lot to actually make practically use of it. I would recommend to use and practice as soon as possible because I personally needed 6 months extensive use to finally get it.

  • Freek
    Used Google Analytics 4 for 1-2 years as Marketeer

    What do you like?

    Because I worked with UA the setup was familiar. It is very customizable and has integrations with my other Google tools. Also, the amount of training material online is vast, which makes it easy to get help when you are stuck.

    What do you dislike?

    It has quite the learning curve and does not come with great reports out of the box. Also implementing events can be difficult for a beginner.