• Simple & Intuïtive
  • User segmentation
  • Data visualisations
  • Feature Analytics
  • Interface is easy to understand
  • Great support options
  • Reporting is in realtime
  • Good community
  • Dashboard customisation
  • Limited free plan
  • User support access
  • Pricing transparency
  • Event setup requires tech skills
  • Contains hard to discover features
  • Has a steep learning curve

Pricing information

Starting Price
GrowthOn req.
EnterpriseOn req.
Growth$25+ p/m
EnterpriseOn req.
Free trial period
Free plan
Free plan

Account Management

Trackable Items
User Seats

Data Processing

Data Center Locations
Software Hosting
Data Ownership
Data Freshness
Data Retention
Unsampled Data
Data Import
Via SDK, API, GCS, AWS & more
Via one-off script or Ingestion API
Data Export
To GCS, BigQuery, Redshift & more
Via raw data export API
Amplitude relies on first-party cookies.
Mixpanel relies on first-party cookies

Alerts & Automation

Uptime Monitoring
Custom Alerts
Hourly, daily, or weekly base on event threshold
Email Reports
Subscribe to dashboard for daily reports
Same as custom alerts


Trend Reporting
Device Reporting
Funnel Reporting
Flexible funnels to analyse conversion, time to convert & more
Funnel trend, time to convert & frequency visualisations
User Flow Reporting
Standard & reverse Sankey charts
Sankey chart with selected, immediate & drop off events
Automatically find interesting segments & receive per email
Cohort Reports
User cohorts of users to filter reports
Retention Reporting
Retention Analysis and Lifecycle charts
Retention curves, trends & user cohort buckets
Attribution Reporting
Simple UTM tracking with "first touch" attribution
Ecommerce Reporting
Elaborate Ecommerce reporting
Option to track purchases but no special reporting

User Experience Features

Session Recordings
A/B Testing
A/B testing & feature flagging with Amplitude Experiment
User Feedback


Custom Dimensions
Custom Metrics
20 custom formulas to create the metric you need
Max 255 properties per event
Custom Reports
Unlimited custom dahboards & reports
Custom Events
Create a custom event from existing events
Combine events into a custom event
Directly on the linechart in Insights


Support description
The support of Amplitude consists of a ticketing system, an extensive knowledge base, a community and email support depending on your plan.
Mixpanel offer extensive documentation and knowledgable support through a ticketing system. They have a support email address but regular support requests are directed to the ticketing system. Join their Slack group for community access.
Support Options

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