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Enhance 3D / AR Experiences with Metalitix’s Spacial Analytics

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In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is not just an option but a necessity. Metalitix emerges in this landscape, offering a groundbreaking spatial analytics platform. With its focus on advanced 3D model analytics, Metalitix enhances how e-commerce businesses understand their customers. In this deep dive, we will explore the benefits of Metalitix and how it can be a game-changer for the 3D models of your e-commerce products.

The Feature Set of Metalitix

At the heart of Metalitix lies a robust suite of data collection and visualization tools, tailor-made for XR and 3D experiences. Imagine having the ability to not only track but also visually represent every interaction your customer has with your 3D models. This is possible with Metalitix’s advanced heatmaps and session explorers, which bring a new dimension of understanding to customer behavior. The compatibility of Metalitix with major 3D engines like Unity, Unreal Engine, Three.js, and more, signifies its versatility and adaptability to various e-commerce platforms.

Unique features such as user journey recordings, gaze maps, and camera rotation analysis allow for a detailed understanding of customer interactions. These features enable e-commerce businesses to see through the eyes of their customers, understanding their preferences, and tailoring the 3D experience to meet their needs.

Ease of Implementation and Support

Adopting a new tool can often be daunting, but Metalitix is quite easy to integrate. The platform is designed for ease of use, with comprehensive documentation and FAQs to guide users through every step. For larger enterprises, the experience is further enhanced with access to a dedicated customer success manager. This level of personalized support ensures that businesses can maximize the benefits of Metalitix for their e-commerce platforms.

Use Cases for E-commerce

Metalitix is beneficial for e-commerce sites that utilize 3D models. Whether it’s for showcasing high-end fashion accessories, intricate jewelry designs, customizable furniture, or interactive 3D product demonstrations, Metalitix provides valuable insights. By analyzing how customers interact with 3D models, businesses can identify popular products, understand navigation patterns, and optimize the 3D experience to boost engagement and conversions.

Security and Compliance

In today’s digital age, data security and privacy are of utmost importance. Metalitix is committed to upholding the highest standards of data security, evidenced by its SOC 2 certification and adherence to GDPR compliance. These credentials assure e-commerce businesses that customer data is not only insightful but also protected under rigorous privacy standards.

Metalitix’s Pricing Plans

Metalitix’s flexible pricing structure is designed to cater to a wide range of business sizes and requirements. From small start-ups to large enterprises, Metalitix has a plan for everyone. The Starter plan is perfect for businesses taking their first step into the world of 3D model analytics, while the Professional and Enterprise plans offer more advanced features such as increased data points and session volume, making them ideal for larger operations that require deeper insights.

For businesses requiring a more tailored approach, the Enterprise plan offers custom solutions. This plan goes beyond standard offerings to provide a personalized analytics experience, fitting the unique needs of your e-commerce store.


Metalitix stands out as an essential tool in the e-commerce toolkit. Its ability to provide deep insights into customer behaviors and interactions with 3D models enables businesses to tailor their offerings, enhance user satisfaction, and drive sales. Embracing Metalitix means embracing a future where data-driven decisions propel your e-commerce platform to new heights.

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By Freek Kampen

Data & Analytics specialist and co-owner of New North Digital. With a background in online advertising, I solve tracking and data issues for entrepreneurs and agencies.


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