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What is the TikTok Conversion API? A short definition

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TikTok Conversions API is a server-to-server connection that allows you to securely share website or app conversion data directly with TikTok Ads. This method offers several advantages compared to traditional tracking methods using the TikTok Pixel:

  • Improved Accuracy: By sending data directly from your server, the TikTok Conversions API bypasses limitations of browser cookies and ensures more accurate conversion tracking.
  • Enhanced Privacy: The API allows you to share hashed customer data, protecting user privacy while enabling conversion attribution to your TikTok Ads campaigns.
  • Greater Control: You have more control over the specific data you share with TikTok, providing flexibility in your campaign measurement strategy.

Overall, the TikTok Conversions API is a powerful tool for advertisers who want reliable and privacy-conscious conversion tracking for their TikTok Ads campaigns.

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By Freek Kampen

Data & Analytics specialist and co-owner of New North Digital. With a background in online advertising, I solve tracking and data issues for entrepreneurs and agencies.

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