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What is New customer data for Google Ads? A short definition

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New Customer Data in Google Ads refers to information that helps identify users who haven’t converted (made a purchase, signed up, etc.) on your website before. This data can be used for two main purposes:

  • Campaign Bidding: By flagging new users, Google Ads allows you to set different bidding strategies for them. You might choose to bid higher for new customers to prioritize acquiring them.
  • Campaign Reporting: New customer data provides insights into how your campaigns are performing specifically for attracting new users. This helps you understand which campaigns are most effective at customer acquisition.

There are two ways to leverage new customer data in Google Ads:

    Customer Match Lists: Upload a list of existing customers and instruct Google Ads to target similar users who haven’t converted yet.
  • New Customer Acquisition Goal: This goal setting within Google Ads allows you to optimize campaigns specifically for acquiring new customers.
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