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What is Attribution? A short definition.

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Also: assignment or credit

Attribution is the assignment of activities and causes to measured results and effects. Applying attribution can be valuable, among other things, when analyzing and explaining KPIs and evaluating the ROI of marketing activities, advertisements, and contact moments.

A common form of attribution is conversion attribution. This is a form of attribution in which the origin of conversions is determined and recorded. Linking the revenues and costs together makes it easier to see marketing not just as a cost center and to determine which activities yield the most.

Attribution can be applied to both offline and online activities to map effectiveness. Web technology makes attribution in online marketing much easier. With the help of referrals, parameters, and cookies it can be determined automatically through which website, search engine, and/or advertisement a visitor entered. Actions such as placing an order or subscribing to a newsletter can also be assigned to a source.

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