About Swetrix

First-class AI powered, fully cookieless and open-source web analytics for your website! Track end user traffic & sessions, monitor website performance, create custom alerts, forecast traffic, build your own extensions and do much more things with Swetrix. Swetrix brings an advanced and customisable analytics service for your web applications.Track every metric you need without invading your users’ privacy.

What makes Swetrix unique?

Need additional features? Connect extensions or write your own! Now you do not need to use many sources from different systems – expand and supplement everything in one! Install extensions and sell your own. Came up with a great extension for your company? Great! Publish it on the marketplace and share your insights with the whole community.

An overview of Swetrix

Swetrix Analytics Dashboard
  • Privacy-focused
  • Performance monitoring
  • Open-source
  • Browser extensions for quick access to analytics
  • Messenger integrations
  • Limited integration capabilities

Software type

We classified Swetrix as Marketing Analytics. In addition, Swetrix is open source software.

Software details

Product of Swetrix

Headquartered in
Kiev, Ukraine

Founded in 2021



Swetrix Pricing


  • Up to 10k monthly visits
  • Add up to 20 websites
  • 10 alerting rules
  • Unlimited data exports


$5 / mo


  • Everything in Hobby plan
  • Up to 100k monthly visits
  • Add up to 20 websites
  • 20 alerting rules


$15 / mo


  • Everything in Freelancer plan
  • Up to 1M monthly visits
  • 50 alerting rules


$59 / mo


  • Everything in Startup plan
  • Up to 5M monthly visits
  • Add up to 50 websites
  • 100 alerting rules


$110 / mo

*Additional taxes may apply depending on your country. Annual payments are possible.


Swetrix offers online support in the chatbox on the website, via social-media (i.e. Twitter, Linkedin, Discord) and via Email.

Support languages


Account Management

Trackable Items

Unlimitedsites or apps

User Seats


User Roles

Not applicable

Account Security

  • Two-factor Authentication

Data Processing

Data Center Locations

  • European Economic Area (EEA)

Software Hosting

  • Public Cloud

Data Ownership


Data Freshness


Data Retention


Unsampled Data

Swetrix does not sample data

Data Import

Data Export

via API, CSV, JSON or any other format (users are able to write custom extensions for that)


  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • CPPA


Swetrix does not use cookies for tracking

Alerts & Automation

Uptime Monitoring

Custom Alerts

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or at threshold

Email Reports

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly


one integration with Telegram


Trend Reporting

We offer AI based traffic forecasting & trend monitoring

Device Reporting

Country, browser, device type, language, utm_* metrics, performance statistics and more

Funnel Reporting

User Flow Reporting


You can segment data via multiple filters, apply specific timeframes & periods

Cohort Reports

Retention Reporting

Attribution Reporting

Ecommerce Reporting

User Experience features


Session Recordings

A/B Testing

User Feedback


Custom Dimensions

Custom Metrics

Custom Reports

Receive custom reports by email. You can also add unlimited amount of email addresses to be subscribed to the traffic report newsletter.

Custom Events

You can track custom events. Custom events also support lots of customisations (e.g. you may track if you want 1 custom event per 1 unique session, etc).


Soon to be released

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  • Wojsław Sarnecki
    Used Swetrix for 1-6 months as Private entrepreneur

    What do you like?

    Simple setup, clean interface and simplicity. Analytics without having to notify users about cookies makes this solution one of my biggest discoveries this year (right after chatGPT). I use Swetrix for both my personal and project sites.

    What do you dislike?

    Absence of a free tier, but they offer self-hosting service plus the cheapest one costs $5 so it’s okay.