About Scoby Analytics

Scoby Analytics employs server-side measurements and anonymizes usage data to create a secure environment for both businesses and their clients. Unaffected by ad-blockers or anti-tracking technologies, we ensure comprehensive and accurate data collection for informed decision-making.

What makes Scoby unique?

With an emphasis on powerful analytics and user-friendly interface, Scoby Analytics is designed for businesses that value data insights and privacy equally. As a bonus, we adhere to stringent data protection standards, processing and storing all user data on German servers.

An overview of Scoby

Dasboard Scoby Analytics
  • Privacy First Product
  • k-Anonymous Stats
  • Ad-Blocker Resistant
  • Consent-Free under German & European Law
  • No User Profiling
  • No Data Merging from Other Platforms
  • No Raw Data

Software type

We classified Scoby Analytics as Marketing Analytics. In addition, Scoby Analytics is proprietary software.

Software details

Product of Scoby GmbH

Headquartered in
Düsseldorf, Germany

Founded in 2023




Scoby Analytics Pricing

10k page views

All features of Scoby Analytics for a monthly volume of 10k page views or less


    9 EUR / month

    250k Page Views

    All features of Scoby Analytics for a monthly volume of up to 250k page views


      29 EUR / month

      1 Million

      All features of Scoby Analytics for a monthly volume of up to 1M page views


        99 EUR / month

        5 Million

        All features of Scoby Analytics for a monthly volume of up to 5M page views


          349 EUR / month


          Custom SLA

          • Higher Availablity
          • Physical Data Isolation
          • Company SSO
          • Much more...


          On Request

          *Additional taxes may apply depending on your country. Annual payments are possible.


          Email Support Mon-Fri 9-17 CEST

          Support options

          Support hours

          Support languages

          English, German

          Account Management

          Trackable Items

          Unlimitedsites or apps

          User Seats


          User Roles

          Member, Admin, Owner

          Account Security

          • Two-factor Authentication

          Data Processing

          Data Center Locations

          • European Economic Area (EEA)

          Software Hosting

          • Private Cloud

          Data Ownership


          Data Freshness


          Data Retention

          24 Months

          Unsampled Data

          Scoby Analytics does not sample data.

          Data Import

          Data Export

          via API, XLSX and Looker Studio Connector


          • GDPR
          • CCPA
          • HIPAA
          • APPI
          • CPPA


          Scoby Analytics does not need Cookie-consent

          Alerts & Automation

          Uptime Monitoring

          Custom Alerts

          Email Reports


          8+ like Looker Studio, Wordpress and Typo3


          Trend Reporting

          Device Reporting

          Device Type, App Type, Browser

          Funnel Reporting

          User Flow Reporting


          Anonymous aggregates on Visitor Segments

          Cohort Reports

          Retention Reporting

          Attribution Reporting

          Conversions up to 7 days after Referred Traffic

          Ecommerce Reporting

          UTM Parameters are aggregated automatically

          User Experience features


          Session Recordings

          A/B Testing

          User Feedback


          Custom Dimensions

          Custom Metrics

          Custom Reports

          Completely customizeable reports and exports to XLSX or in Looker Studio

          Custom Events


          1 Review

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          • Annika Hughes
            Used Scoby Analytics for 1-6 months as CEO

            What do you like?

            Scoby is very easy to set up, literally within minutes. The dashboards are super easy to understand and give me all information I need.
            The main reason for moving away from Google Analytics to scoby was that it takes all worries regarding data privacy away from me.

            What do you dislike?

            Nothing really. It serves my needs very well. Maybe the colours of the dashboard could be nicer.