• Ease of use
  • Great authorisation management
  • Packed with features
  • Community forum
  • Intergrated tag & consent management
  • Lightweight
  • Open-source
  • Cookieless
  • EU cloud infrastructure
  • No progressive payment plan
  • Ecommerce reporting can be improved
  • Limited features
  • No audience reporting features

Pricing information

Starting Price
Core - 500kFree
Core - 1 Million€325 p/m
Core - 2 Million€545 p/m
EnterpriseOn req.
10k page views$9 p/m
EnterpriseOn req.
200k page views$29 p/m
100k page views$19 p/m
500k page views$49 p/m
1M page views$69 p/m
2M page views$89 p/m
5M page views$129 p/m
10M page views$169 p/m
Free trial period
Free plan
30 days

Account Management

Trackable Items
User Seats

Data Processing

Data Center Locations
Software Hosting
Data Ownership
Data Freshness
Data Retention
Unsampled Data
By default Piwik does not sample data
Limited data sampling in reports with over 20M pageviews
Data Import
Import cost, search keywords, user/client ID data, audience data (CDP in 2023)
e.g. import GA data
Data Export
As CSV, XML, JSON, or via an API
Export your data to CSV
Piwik features a cookieless tracking option
Plausible is cookieless by default.

Alerts & Automation

Uptime Monitoring
Custom Alerts
Email alerts based on thresholds
Traffic spike notifications through Slack or email
Email Reports
Daily, weekly or monthly reports
Weekly or monthly email reporting


Trend Reporting
Device Reporting
Device type, browser & OS
Funnel Reporting
Detailed funnel report up to 5 steps
User Flow Reporting
Standard, transition & reverse Sankey charts
Basic reporting by looking at Entry & Exit pages
Unlimited segments
Use filters to segment your audience
Cohort Reports
Retention Reporting
Customer loyalty eCommerce report
Attribution Reporting
Model comparison including 6 models and unlimited custom models
Ecommerce Reporting
Overview, order list, product, days and sessions to purchase & customer loyalty
Ecommerce revenue tracking

User Experience Features

Create an overlay with the site inspector Chrome extension
Session Recordings
A/B Testing
User Feedback


Custom Dimensions
200 slots for each scope and they can't be removed
On pageview and custom event level
Custom Metrics
Also called Calculated metrics
Custom Reports
Custom Events
Include category, action, and optionally name and value
By means of adding CSS classes
Add to any graph or include them in scheduled reports or alerts


Support description
Piwik Pro offers extensive documentation and video tutorials. They have support offices for different regions which can be contacted by email and phone.
Plausible offers extensive documentation which is the first place to find answers. Still haven't found what you're looking for? Contact their email support for knowledgable support.
Support Options

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