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What is Google's Consent Mode? A short definition

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Consent Mode is a feature developed by Google specifically for Google tags (like Google Analytics and Google Ads tags) that helps navigate the increasingly complex landscape of user privacy regulations.

It bridges the gap between user consent choices and your need for website or app analytics data.

Here’s how Consent Mode works:

  • Respecting User Consent: It integrates with your existing Consent Management Platform (CMP) or custom consent solution. Based on a user’s consent status for cookies or app identifiers, Consent Mode adjusts the behavior of Google tags.
  • Two Modes: There are two primary functionalities offered by Consent Mode:
    • Basic Mode: This mode prevents Google tags from loading or sending any data to Google until a user interacts with your consent banner. This ensures no data is collected without explicit user consent.
    • Advanced Mode: This mode allows for more granular control. You can configure tags to fire only for specific user consent choices (e.g., allowing only analytics data collection but not ad targeting).

Benefits of Consent Mode:

  • Privacy Compliance: Consent Mode helps ensure your website or app adheres to user privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA by respecting user consent choices for data collection.
  • Data Accuracy: By preventing unauthorized data collection, Consent Mode helps maintain the accuracy and integrity of your analytics data.
  • Continued Measurement: Even with user consent restrictions, Consent Mode allows you to continue collecting valuable website or app analytics data within the permitted boundaries.

It’s important to note:

  • Developer Focus: Consent Mode is primarily designed for developers who manage Google tag implementations.
  • Not a Replacement for CMP: Consent Mode works alongside your existing CMP or custom consent solution, not as a replacement.

Overall, Consent Mode is a valuable tool for website and app owners who utilize Google tags and want to ensure their analytics practices comply with evolving user privacy regulations.

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