About Indicative

Indicative connects to your data sources, synthesizes them into one complete view of your customer, and gives you the actionable insights you need to optimize customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

What makes Indicative unique?

The product analytics platform that connects directly to your data warehouse to provide actionable insights across the entire customer journey — without SQL or writing a single line of code.

Connect Your Data

Integrate with any existing data source, including your data warehouse/lake, CDP, or directly from your website or mobile app.

Know Your Customer

Optimize acquisition, visualize customer journeys, and maximize retention without knowing SQL.

Optimize User Experience

Identify how users engage and where they drop off and make data-driven decisions to improve feature adoption and eliminate points of friction.

An overview of Indicative

  • Easy to understand interface
  • Good support options
  • Generous amount of monthly events in free plan
  • Quite steep pricing tiers

Software type

We classified Indicative as Product Analytics. In addition, Indicative is proprietary software.

Software details

Product of mParticle Inc.

Headquartered in
New York, United States

Founded in 2013



Indicative Pricing


For businesses ready to spread the power of Indicative throughout their organization. Limited to companies with less than 100 employees.

  • Up to 50M monthly events
  • 1 year data retention
  • Full access to core analytics tools
  • 20 user seats
  • Silver Support


$119 per month


For businesses with sophisticated needs, high data volume, and custom integrations.

  • Custom event volume and data history
  • Custom data warehouse integrations
  • Advanced analytics capabilities
  • Embedded analytics
  • Gold Support


On request

*Additional taxes may apply depending on your country.


Indicative offers support by phone, email, a ticketing system and an extensive knowledge base.

Support languages


Account Management

Trackable Items

Up to 2 testing & 2 production projectsites or apps

User Seats

Up to unlimited

User Roles

Account Security

  • Single Sign-on
  • Two-factor Authentication

Data Processing

Data Center Locations

  • United States

Software Hosting

  • Public Cloud

Data Ownership

mParticle Inc.

Data Freshness


Data Retention

12 months or more

Unsampled Data

Data Import

Data Export

CSV or User exports


  • GDPR
  • CCPA


Indicative uses first-party cookies

Alerts & Automation

Uptime Monitoring

Custom Alerts

Email Reports

Daily, weekly, monthly by day, or monthly by date


27+ like BigQuery, Segment, Google Analytics & mParticle


Trend Reporting

Device Reporting

Funnel Reporting

Unique multipath funnel with breakouts, or optional steps

User Flow Reporting

Advanced Sankey charts


Compare event level data with user level data

Cohort Reports

Analyse first-time and recurring behaviour

Retention Reporting

Attribution Reporting

UTM and referrer attribution

Ecommerce Reporting

Unify online and offline shopping data

User Experience features


Session Recordings

A/B Testing

User Feedback


Custom Dimensions

Custom Metrics

Custom Reports

Custom dashboards and Bookmarks

Custom Events

Custom & joined events


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